Inman Green  


Clever urban dwellers are vying for the remaining units at Inman Green, a small, sustainable community tucked away at the edge of Dekalb Avenue. Inman Green’s exclusivity goes beyond limited availability – this is the only multi-family development in Georgia to have LEED for Homes Gold certification.

Energy Star appliances? Check. Dual flush toilets? Of course. Reduced waste to landfills? Ditto. You can grill the Inman Green team all you want. They know their stuff and they’ve built homes that are big on style and small on conspicuous consumption.

Inman Green residents can expect to save energy by up to 48% over what typical homeowners experience. So forget typical and embrace thoughtful. One of the biggest positive impacts you can have on the planet is choosing to live in an environmentally friendly home. Claim your spot at Inman Green and start living La Vida Verde.

Inman Green Marble Lofts